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Protect Your Children And Your Family!

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"KSM is the best and I recommend it to all my friends that have kids."

M.H. - Florence, WI, USA

What does it mean to be a Kid Safe Mail subscriber?
It means every email your child receives goes through a six step cleaning process on our servers BEFORE it goes into your child's Inbox and it means giving you the tools you need to control what your children see and who they communicate with.

Some email programs will attempt to filter out spam, but with limited success. Others put the filtering of spam on the parent. Thus causing the parent to spend several hours each week weeding through 100's of emails trying to approve or decline each one. Neither choice gets to the root of the problem and often offers no security from viruses or spyware. After all, once an email has been downloaded to your computer, anything can happen. Don't waste your time downloading spam. Stop spam in it's tracks!

Kid Safe Mail Benefits:

  • Safe email for your kids

  • 100% Spam and Virus free

  • No software to install

  • The most complete parental controls

  • Family safe games, jokes and links

  • Fun domain names:

  • Works both Sending and Receiving

  • Works on all computers, tablets, smart phones and iPods

  • Use IMAP, POP3 or our secure full-featured Webmail

  • No ads - 100% subscriber supported

  • Works with Apple voice memos

  • Free popup blocker

  • Free Support by Phone or email

  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

Compare our features:

Feature ZillaDog Kid Safe Mail
Price per year
(1 child - annual subscription)
Free with ads $38.95 $30.00
Spam/Content Filter
Profanity Filter Limited
Incoming White List
Incoming Black List - -
Outgoing White List -
Outgoing Black List - -
Virus Scan - -
Attachment Filter - Limited
BCC Parent
Rejected email can be sent to Parent - -
Secure Webmail ** - -
Secure Parental Controls ** - -
Webmail includes Drafts folder (save email to finish later), Custom Signatures and Spelling checking - -
Works with existing email accounts - -
IMAP - -
POP3 - -
Works with phones and tablets natively without extra apps - -
Free Support by Phone - -
*Comparison information gathered from the websites of each provider.
**Our secure webmail and Parental Controls are protected by an Extended Validation(EV) SSL Cert. The highest level of security available. No other kid-safe website offers this level of protection. - Note the yellow lock and green address bar in your web browser.

Here's how it works:

Stage 1 is our feature rich set of parental controls. 100% of the spam is blocked when you use these controls. This is accomplished by specifying who your child can receive email from. You can also specify who your child can send email to. Maybe that means only family members or possibly other children on the Kid Safe Mail network. You decide how restrictive the email processor should be. Additionally, you can secretly have a copy of every email sent or received by your child sent to your email address. Up to two secret BCC email addresses can be specified thus enabling two parents to receive copies of emails. You can also receive a copy of any email that has been blocked. Then you can decide if you want to add that person to the Approved list. By specifying you want to receive BCC copies, you can also decide to watch a conversation for a while and then you have the option to block that person later. Maybe you want your child to receive email from anyone, but still want the security of spam and virus filtering. You have complete control.

Stage 2 is our spam filter that uses cutting-edge technology based on several spam detection systems including the award winning SpamAssassin™ filter. If a spam email is detected, the spammer receives an error message indicating the email has been rejected. This error message usually causes the spammer to remove your child's email address from their list as it's similar to the message they would receive if the email address did not exist. If you decide to allow all email to pass through to your child's account or yours, the spam filter alone will block over 95% of the spam received.

Stage 3 checks the sender against our Black list of known spammers. If the email is sent by a company or user on the Black list, the email is blocked.

Stage 4 is a virus check. Every email is scanned and if a virus is found, the email is blocked. So you never have to worry about your computer getting a virus from your child's email account.

Stage 5 is a profanity filter. This is different from Step 2 in that it filters out single instances of a particular word instead of deciding the overall tone of the email. Words of a profane or hateful nature are replaced with the word BEEP. This feature can be turned on or off in the Parental Controls.

Stage 6 is a check for specific types of file attachments that are known to be a potential risk to your computer. These are specific file types that pass the virus check ok, but as an added precaution, our servers rename the file so that it cannot be executed and install Spyware or possibly cause harm to your computer.*please see our FAQ page for more information about this feature.

Once the email has been processed through all six stages of our Kid Safe Mail email service, it is finally delivered to your child's Inbox where it is ready to be viewed through Webmail or downloaded to your computer.

Of course Kid Safe Mail has more things to do than just email. We want to make sure your child has some fun things to do in addition to e-mailing friends and family. We have many games to play, there's a members only jokes page where children can submit jokes for approval to be included on our site and our links page includes links to child safe web sites and places to research information for homework.

The Parental Controls page also includes tools such as our free Kid Safe Mail popup blocker and a links page with sites devoted to parenting and home schooling. 

Kid Safe Mail will work with any Internet Service Provider you go online with, whether it is Cable, DSL or even through your Smart Phone.

We're so sure Kid Safe Mail is the best kid safe email service available, we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason within 30 days you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will refund your money.


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