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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a trial version?
What Internet browsers do you support?
What is your Privacy Policy?
How secure is your Webmail?
Is there a limit on email addresses in the address book?
Is there a limit on how many addresses can be specified in the Approved lists?
Can I specify who my child can send email to?
Can I get copies of my child's email?
Can my child change the Approved lists?
Will my child be able to see digital pictures sent by family members?
Is there a way to verify an email was sent using Webmail?
How often is your virus detection software updated?
Can my child receive newsletters?
How will I know if an email has been blocked?
Is there a limit on how many emails my child can receive?
Are there any limits on how many file attachments can be sent or received?
Why did my child get an attachment called filename.KS9?
What if my child receives a Spam email?
Can you host my family or company domain?

Do you have a trial version?

No, but we do have a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our service within the first 30 days, you may cancel your membership and request a refund. We will refund your first months subscription only within the first 30 days.

What Internet browsers and operating systems do you support?

We support any operating system with a IMAP or POP3 compatible email client and any operating system that can run Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Netscape 7.1 and higher, Firefox 3.0 and higher or the latest version of Apple Safari.

What is your privacy policy?

Very simple. We will never sell or give away any email addresses or personal information entrusted to us to a third party unless required to by law. Period. In compliance with COPPA, we do not collect any personal information from children of any kind. The only personal information we collect is from the parent or guardian and is limited to the child's name.

You claim your Webmail is secure. How secure is it?

We use a 256 bit encryption SSL certificate to encrypt the connection to our service. This is the same high bit rate encryption that e-commerce sites use to take credit cards online.

Is there any limit to how many email addresses my child can store in the address book?

No, There is no limit.

Is there any limit on how many email addresses I can add to my child's Approved lists?

No, There is no limit.

Can I limit who my child can send mail to as well?

Yes, you can have an Approved list for sending as well as receiving mail. The lists do not have to match.

I want to know who my child is sending mail to. Can I get copies of their mail?

Yes, you can choose to get copies of all email sent or received by your child sent to your email address. You can also get copies of email that was blocked.

Can my child change the Approved list?

No, a child can add addresses to the address book, but cannot change who they can receive mail from or send mail to. The Approved lists can only be changed by the parent.

Will my child be able to see digital pictures family members send them in email?

Yes, all pictures are shown in the email and can also be downloaded to your computer.

My child is sure they sent an email to me, but I did not receive it. Is there a way to verify the mail was sent?

Yes, by looking in Sent folder. The Sent folder contains all the email your child has ever sent (if you child hasn't deleted them). In fact, sometimes a member may have so many emails in the Sent folder that they start taking up valuable file space (limit: 300 megabytes). We recommend occasionally deleting very old email from the Sent folder.

How current is your virus detection software?

Our virus detection software checks for updates every 60 minutes. As soon as a new virus is known, we are able to detect it.

I am concerned a newsletter my child receives will get filtered out as Spam. Is there a way to make sure I can still get the newsletter?

Yes. Most legitimate newsletters pass through the Spam filter without any problems, but if you find that a newsletter is not getting through, please email and ask that we add the sender to our internal White list. The White list is the exact opposite of a Black list. Our White list contains a list of senders that will always be allowed through. It's basically a bypass past the Spam filter. Make sure that if you are using the parental controls, that you add that sender to the Approved list.

How will I know if an email was blocked?

From the Parental Controls page, you can choose to receive copies of all blocked email. You can then choose to add that email address to the Approved Senders list. 

Are there any limits on how many emails my child can receive?

No, there are no limits on how many, however there is a limit on how much data can be stored in your child's Inbox. Text email is very small and therefore you can store thousands of emails on our servers, but emails with attachments can fill up our servers quickly. Therefore, we limit your child's Inbox size to 300 megabytes. We recommend that any large file attachments (like pictures for example) be downloaded to your home computer and then deleted from our servers. Your child's Inbox lists how much data is being stored just under his or her name when they log in. You will receive a warning email if it becomes a problem.

300 megabytes doesn't sound like very much. What does that mean in terms of how many emails?

The average email is less than 20 kilobytes. To put that in perspective, if every email you child received was 20 kilobytes, your child would be able to store 15,000 emails on our servers. This is 2 to 3 times more than most of our competitors.

Are there any limits on file attachments?

We realize that with all the digital cameras out there, there is a tendency to send your photography to friends and family. That's why we have not put any limits on file attachment size. Only on how many attachments when using Webmail. You can only attach up to four files to each email. Keep in mind that anything over 2 or 3 megabytes is difficult for someone with a dialup account to download. It can take up to half an hour to download an email with many large pictures attached. It is for that reason we have limited the attachments sent to four. There are however no limits on attachments received from others or when using a POP3 client.

Are there any limits on what kind of attachments I send?

No. We don't stop an email from going through because it has an attachment, however certain file types are filtered by renaming the file so that it cannot be executed. Picture files, files that end in .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, etc., are not filtered as they are harmless. The same is true for Word documents (.DOC and .TXT). The files our system looks for are files that end in .EXE or .COM. We also don't allow any scripts. These include .BAT, .CMD and .VBS files. As well as some other not so common files that may harm your system. The reason is that these are all attachments that commonly carry viruses. The "I Love You" virus was a .VBS script file. When the email arrives with a filtered attachment, you will see that it has a strange extension. Nothing will happen if you click on this file. The file can be renamed in order to allow it to work or If you must send one of these files, you might Zip them up. We do allow Zipped files (.zip) to go through the system unaltered. EVERY file, including Zipped files are scanned for viruses. If a file is infected, the email is blocked. We do highly recommend you keep a virus detection program on your home computer as well. While we make every effort to remove any and all viruses, there is always the very slim possibility that a virus could get passed our detection software.

My child received an attachment in email that ends with .KS(number). What is it and how can I view it?

Our servers rename potentially harmful executable file types with specific file extensions so that they cannot be accidentally executed. Unscrupulous people have been known to send out batch files and scripts (The I Love You virus was a script) that make changes to your computer or remotely install spyware, viruses, and various other programs on your computer. To keep this from happening our servers rename the file with one of 47 extensions. If you are confident that the file is safe, you can rename the file back to its original condition and it will execute as it was intended. Two common ones are .KS9 which you would rename with the extension .EXE and .KS6 which you would rename with the extension of .COM. For other extensions, please email and our support staff will gladly help you.

What if my child gets some unsuitable spam? Is there anything I can do about it?

Yes, In the unlikely event that your child receives unsuitable spam, please forward that email to and our staff will make sure to hand it off to our legal dept and make sure the sender is added to our Black list. We take this problem very seriously and although we make every effort to remove any and all spam regardless of content, we cannot guarantee absolutely 100% that we will get every one.

The best defense is to have an Approved list of senders. This is the only way to insure that 100% of the spam is blocked. The Approved list is not mandatory. You can opt to accept email from any sender. That is when we occasionally hear about a spam email getting through.

Many Spam emails come from or claim to be from users at or Even if you opt to allow email from any sender, you can choose to block email from and/or by using the parental controls page.

What if my child receives spam from another member? What can I do about it?

Please notify us immediately. Please forward the email to To our knowledge this has never happened. However, if it does, we will suspend that persons account and possibly file charges against them. This is a violation of our use policy and possibly federal laws regarding content for children.

My family owns a domain. Can Kid Safe Mail host our email for us? 

Yes, our servers can provide the same level of service for your company or family domain as our Kid Safe Mail members receive. Please email and include as much information as possible about your requirements. Our sales team will contact you right away and will be able to answer questions about pricing.


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